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Energy Star


Miko is a revolutionary new edgelit LED powered light panel that is gradually replacing the standard backlit signs (which require the use of deep sign cabinets to house the lamp fixtures and electronics, also known as a light box).

Illuminating from the edge with energy efficient LEDs, in combination with our patented diffusion process, enables the construction of slimmer and more versatile signs which are barrier-free, easier to install and offer an array of advantages to the end user and the world in general.

These advantages are:

  • Ultraslim and elegant design

    We offer a variety of models to suit all kinds of environment. Single sided and double sided are available and frame thickness ranges from 7mm to 31mm.

  • Incomparable brightness

    Because LEDs produce more Lumens Per Watt (lpw) than incandescent, halogen lamps and in some cases fluorescents and because we pack more LEDs in the Miko’s TM  than any manufacturer we achieve brightness levels of 2200 cd/ s.q.m which is much superior to LCD screens.

  • Lighting uniformity across the entire light panel
    Our patented diffusion process spreads the light uniformly, extracting light precisely at each point across the panel, therefore eliminating hot spots and shadows.

  • Extended lifespan

    Most LEDs have a useful life expectancy of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. They almost never outright fail, but slowly decrease in output over their lifespan.

  • Safety and sturdyness

    No fluorescent or incandescent means there’s no glass to break. The picture rests on a sturdy and stable surface eliminating breakage on impacts in crowded areas.

  • Maintenance free

    No bulb or fluorescent to change.

  • Minimal power consumption

    Miko’s TM operate with 12VDC and consume an average of 0 .25 amp per square foot.

  • Cost efficiency

    While Miko’s TM may cost slightly more up-front,  in the long run they end up being considerably cheaper than traditional light-boxes, when power consumption and maintenance factors are taken into account.

  • Free of harmful substances such as lead, mercury or tar

    Unlike traditional light boxes using fluorescent, Miko’s TM contain no harmful substances and are 100% recyclable


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